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Snap Shot!  Is it me...or am I the only girl with the guys in the greenroom at WidgetCon? If so I do not mind - i am honored to be one of the guys.

Great panel discussions with  Ian Schafer, Chad Stoller, Scott Witt and Greg Verdino.  The simplest form of function is the widget. 

Chad, it was "Back To School" with Rodney Dangerfield where the business school professor explains that "a widget is anything you want to make it."

Brands need to consider the widget as a value trade.  They must offer the consumer a simple useful tool and we the who represent the brands, should be offering the consumer a valuable thing ( a widget) in their life.

Now the media planners really need to put on their account planning hats and look at modeling engagement in a story form for brand marketers to benchmark successes.

Think outside the IAB standard!

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