Do you guys remember Max' Kansas City???  For those of you that did not frequent NYC in the 70's, Max's was an amazing concert venue that the locals frequented and rubbed shoulders and asses with icons of music, fashion, art and literature.  When the local talent collided with the Icons what you got was fantastic forms of  debauchery.


Like CBGB's, and Studio 54  the doors may have closed but the legend lives on!  Elliott Azrak, the current owner of Max's artistic
brand license, has resurrected its legacy via a handful of colorful, Warhol-styled posters on its
homepage.  Check it out at 

What I love about this site is that it capture the lore of what once was...  Check out the link to the different David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" poster where
one gets a rich narrative of Bowie's days at Max's.  Catch the the rare
footage of a 1973 club performance from a young Bruce Springsteen.  I think the simple yet beautifully designed navigation gets visitors to
scan galleries of images featuring the famous peeps who dawned both the "Front Room" and the now notorious "Back Room" of Max's.


Check out the nods to Aerosmith and their tie to the Guitar Hero game which features Max's Kansas City as the performance space.

Check out this sweet site at

ON: Trippin’ Back To Max’s via @jpenabickley