Today I received an email linking me to  When I got to the site I realized that I was sent to a site for the Social Media Addicts Association.  I got a chuckle, looked around the room and then tweeted.  After a few clicks around I realized it was a stealth/spoof campaign from Sony. 

This seems like an odd way to market a product that facilitates social interaction. Check out the SMAA video.

One rule of thumb has always been to never poke fun at the audience you are marketing too. But this was just fun. I liked the content at the confessions link.  In the confess section they ask the you to, "Let it all out! and  Upload your own confession of social media addiction to YouTube and send us the link"  This seems like a cheap way to get people talking about their addiction.  What is a bit confusing to me is how I link it to purchasing a new machine which will further my addition.  According to the visitor counter 638,677 people have visited the site.  Clearly we all have some type of addiction.

Do you think Sony will turn off its core audience or do you think it will win one that is tired of all the social media hype?

ON: The SMAA via @jpenabickley