Over the last several months many of you that have followed me via Twitter and Facebook know that my life at TracyLocke has been focused on the creation and development of the Room-A-Day Giveaway promotion for the last 4 months.  From the Website to the Media to the much anticipated Dancing Packages widget, the team at TracyLocke has been having a blast delivering an integrated program that begins on January 15, 2008 kick-off on ABC's The View.

Today we will begin launching the Room-A-Day Widget which is a micro-application that brings back the fan favorite Kimberly-Clark Dancing Packages in a new and exciting way.  Through the use of a "distributed media" approach our Dancing Packages can appear on any HTML page that our core audience wants to post it to.  Designed to create buzz and generate sweepstakes entries, the Dancing Package widget facilitates portable content targeted to hard-to-reach Millennials and other social networkers.

For those of you not apprised of the "distributed media" or "widget" approach here are a few published facts. Chief Marketer in November named the rise of widgets as on of the top ten marketing ideas for 2008. 

The article went on to say:

“Mini-software applications, ‘widgets,’ provide unprecedented access to hard-to-reach targets, as Facebook and MySpace can attest. According to ComScore, 220+ million folks used widgets last May. iLike, which allows Facebook users to share iTunes playlists, grew to over 10 million users in 10 months. Slide, which creates slideshows and embeds them in social network homepages, claims to be the largest personal media network in the world, reaching 120 million viewers monthly. That's but the beginning of the widget avalanche.”

I am incredibly proud of the widget's daily sweepstakes entry functionality.  Having covered the branded widget space for over a year now - this is first time I have seen a branded widget that has functionality allowing viewers to directly enter a sweepstakes and maintain daily entries inside of a widget.  The sweepstakes functionality will be launched on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2008. 

There were many partners, trusted clients and coffee shops I must thank for helping TracyLocke and Kimberly-Clark push the envelope and take a risk on an idea that we hope starts a conversation with our core Gen-X Mom audience!  Today, I am happy to share The Kimberly-Clark Dancing Packages widget with you, my key influencers within the blogging community, whom I hope will enjoy playing with the dances and choosing the venue where they dance.  I encourage you to leave me comments and pass it on!

Please Join me later today for a live broadcast where we will be able to demo the functionality and talk about all the best practices that we helped developed in the creation of this widget!

Visit http://www.roomadaygiveaway.com/dance/

ON: The Kimberly-Clark Room-A-Day Giveaway Widget via @jpenabickley