EMarketer projects that nearly 80% of U.S. Internet users will watch online video at least once a month in 2008. A great indicator that online video has hit a mainstream audience is that 52.5% of all Americans or 154 million people will watch online video in 2008. That's a 12% gain over 2007, but represents a slower increase, as more Internet users become online video viewers. By 2012, there will be an estimated 190 million video viewers, which will be a mere 3.8% change compared with the prior year.



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What is exciting about this is that we can begin to look at more and more distributed social media strategies to push innovation in keeping the internet free of the bill board of TV spots that have annoyed television viewers.  We have the ability to create a better way of advertising in online video an content with the flexibility and functionality of the internet.

Here are some companies and people I have worked with to push new ways of enhancing the viewing expereince while giving a true direct response channel for advertisers and providing an open social environment.

  1. Mike Hudak - Blip.TV
  2. Adam Broitman - Morpheus Media
  3. David Berkowitz - Inside The Marketers Studio
  4. Gigya
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