Hey ladies - Summer's Eve is back!  After last years disastrous campaign that told woman to douche before asking for a raise, they have launched a series of talking hand-puppet vaginas, as part of its new "Hail to the V" campaign.

The campaign is meant to be about empowering women and rejuvenating the brand.  The three ads have created a new set of issues.  Listen to the voice work.  People claim that the African American and Latina versions promotes racial stereotypes. 

As a proud Latina, nothing about these videos offended me.  My initial reaction was to laugh.  They caught my attention and got me to consider the product.  (leaning in) Shhh - with out the bronxy accent that is what my inner voice sounds like - especially the spanish part.  Do you think the accent over the top? Is it racially inappropriate if you are not the intended latina audience?

According to AdWeek: The larger problem for Summer's Eve is that many women see douching products themselves, and any marketing of them, as anti-woman—i.e., creating a feeling of shame around the issue of cleanliness, then selling the antidote to the shame.

I would like to call BS! For years we have had to endure spots for guys with penis issues. they can endure a minute of clean vagina messaging.  Everyone from Consumerist to the Daily News has weighed in on the withering critiques.

What do you think?  Do the spots manage to hit that magical advertising sweet spot of being both sexist and racist?

on: summer’s eve’s talking vagina controversy via @jpenabickley