Hmmm...How do you position your product with people who are apt to use it?
I think Sony has the answer: Let's Tap Bloggers to Drive Handycam and Cybershot Sales
[yah, thats the ticket!!]


The "Sony Foam City" campaign put Sony's Handycam and Cybershot digital video recorders in the hands of more than 200 bloggers, letting them record the filming of an ad shoot in which Sony blanketed the city of Miami in foam.

Sony is hoping that the bloggers -- who witnessed and videoed the production in action as it employed the world's largest foam machine to blanket Miami in two million liters of foam every minute -- will create an online buzz about the ad, as well as about the cameras, by leaking information and video about the shoot onto their blogs.


There aren’t too many ads that can build this kind of buzz and anticipation over their production.
The ads aren’t even out yet, and now everyone is waiting for them.
It helps when you are coming off one of the most watched campaigns. [Sony Bravia Balls]


Sure, there’s something to be said for an element of surprise. There’s
also something to be said for building up a hype so big that people are
salivating like Pavlovian dogs to finally see it. 
[Sing It Bono! - DESIRE!]

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Foamy photos via AdLand

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