Over the past few months me and the team at wunderman nyc have been working to create a platform to help Nokia get five million downloads for the Ovi Store. The Ovi Store is Nokia's mobile application store. Our task was simple. Encourage Nokia Phone owners to open an Ovi Store account and begin downloading the apps they love using digital media.


The Show Your Nokia Some (love) campaign officially launched at
Nokia.com throughout the globe last week. You can visit http://www.wundermannewyork.com/ovilove/ and grab the Ovi Love Video or Twitter widget where you can Post It, Tweet It, or Blog It on any Social Media space you own. i.e. facebook, myspace, bebo, typepad, blogger, twitter ect.

Each widget brings the power of (the Ovi Store) straight into it's interface. You are able to register for an Ovi account and browse the top mobile apps within the widgets. This is a cool way to take eCommerce into Social media platforms.


What I ♥ the most about these widgets is that each features a demo of a social media app you can get at the Ovi Store.  For instance the "video widget" uses photobucket's open api to bring your photos into the video. 


This widget uses twitter's open api to send auto tweets to your followers about the apps that you love!  Now that's life casting at it's best.

With the click of a button Nokia phone users can turn their phones into powerful smart phones with a variety of apps. 

Visit http://www.wundermannewyork.com/ovilove/ and help us spread the ♥ ! (Twitter Hash Tag: #♥ovi)

ON: Showing Your Nokia Phone Some ♥ with Ovi via @jpenabickley