I review so many different sites through out the year that often I become a cynic as I begin to see things used over and over again.  But then I stumbled on to the Nudie Jeans site which uses a video game interface to sell jeans to young men.

I thought they nailed this with a simple execution that gives you a
product-forward approach. Nudie's Fit Guide Page doesn't display flat, lifeless jeans or
mannequins. It displays real people wearing the jeans, and users can
click and rotate to get a view of how they actually fit.  The sound on/off that makes a great
statement about what they have and who they are.  This was a great balance of interactive playfulness, creativity
and brand expression.   Click on a guy, see the jeans, spin 'em, read a
short, tight write-up, and you get an idea if you want 'em.  simple and not verbose.

Check it out at http://www.nudiejeans.com/fitguide/fitguide.php

ON: Nudie jeans video game-inspired site via @jpenabickley