Old Spice has found new spice in its rapid response campaign featuring actor Isaiah Mustafa. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, aka actor Isaiah Mustafa has taken the digital world by storm. Yesterday, the man himself devoted a marathon number of rapid-fire video responses to fans and followers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Reddit offering advice, suggestions, support and even in one case a marriage proposal.

By far this is one of the best efforts of the year. The endevor kicked off with a widely-noticed get-well-soon message to Digg founder Kevin Rose that spread quickly. Eventually the buzz crossed social platforms to Twitter celebs like Ashton Kutcher, Biz Stone and Alyssa Milano. Celebrity and non-celebs were courted by Mustafa. They were compelled to share which extended the reach of the effort.
My favorite part was the epic thread ,conducted by the creative team, was in the site's 'Ask Me Anything' style, which questions those with unusual or interesting occupations, and even engaged troll haven Anonymous with a special video.

Contagious mag reports: Global interactive executive creative director at W+K, Iain Tait, explained why everyone's taking part in the effort: 'What's the secret to this thing? There's a bunch of secrets probably. Having a super hot character who's loved by gentlemen and ladies alike. That helps. Having him be able to present a product in a way that people actually enjoy. That helps. Having creatives and a performer with a great relationship and totally incredible energy and stamina. That helps. Having a social media team working at the heart of the creative process. That helps. Having producers, tech folks and editors who've built an amazing workflow. That helps. And having a client that's brave enough to go real-time online. That really really helps too.' -'But you know what I think the real secret is: everyone is having a total blast doing this. And that kind of enthusiasm is infectious. Even when it's filtered through computers and wires.'
Mustafa, continues to cement his position as reigning spokescrush, with fans declaring their devotion. Two Reddit commenters put it best, with ohsnaap writing 'As a lesbian, I'm conflicted as to whether I'd like to chop wood with you or make you rock my world one night' and Noexit responding 'As a straight man I have the same conflict'.

Congrats to W+K kn this brilliant idea.
View all the videos on Old Spice's YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/oldspice
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