Dynamic Flash, Actionscript 3.0, Limelight Streaming video Technologies, Ajax, XML Data Feeds make up the sweet sensation that is one of the most rewarding product sites I have seen in a long time.  The Kawasaki Teryx RUV vehicle site is so stellar that it represents both an awareness and conversion site.


The artful influence of the experence designers at Fuse Interactive have launched the New Teryx RUV vehicle site to a wide ranging demographic - community in the motor sports world with a year long feature rich site.  Check out the Terrain section with Hank Williams 3, yes that's right.. Grandson of the late Hank
Williams,  country music legend.

After trading a few emails with CEO and Exec. Creative Director of Fuse Interactive, Stefan Drust  writes "Another nice feature is we worked with SpeedTV on a 13 week 22 minute short movie about the Teryx and it's capabilities, we then were able to leverage the content from the TV into our site. So overall the goal of reaching into the hearts of the consumer at the riding level only helps us better understand the consumer and truly provide potential Kawasaki customers 360 degree experiential marketing.We have linked our online marketing efforts with the TV as well as with the In-store POP."

The site's tone and design reaches out and holds the heart of the heart land of America which is the community which are the core evangelists of this category. The site is rich with content that is relevant to the brand as well as the lifestyle of its core consumer target.  The question I have is why have they not enabled the ease of consumer conversation by widgetizing every piece of content for social media.  With  criticism aside this is yet another stellar creation from Fuse Interactive 

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