IKEA encourages college students to get freaky in dorm rooms.  IKEA has viral videos, music downloads and product specs galore to get those dead brain cells ready to return to school. 


Throughout the Ikea promotion, students are provided with ways to
"unpack" the items, as well as style and price points that appeal to
them in a fun and clever way. Opportunities to check out various rooms
seem consistent with both Ikea's variety of furnishings and college
students' wishes to individualize their surroundings their first time
out of the nest.

What it is lacking is a FaceBook application that allows you on collaborative shopping with your roommate.  Or perhaps a MySpace widget that allows you to use the items you bought to decorate your MySpace Page.

The videos were a bit creepy (in a good way). I think they could have added a few touches that would be really fun.  For instance, if I could upload my friends faces and insert them into the videos for a bit of some community pass along.

Check out the site at: http://www.roommateliving.com/


ON: Ikea’s Back-To-School Edge via @jpenabickley