A major component to Peugeot's ongoing International design
competition is the full-scale conceptual rendering the company works up
and displays at the year's biggest European auto show.

This year's
winner, if you'll recall, was a design by Mihai Panitescu, a student
from Romania. His Flux
roadster concept blends sportiness, versatility and a flair for the
ultramodern. It's like an Ed Roth design, as remixed by architect Renzo
Piano for prop use in a Will Smith / Jean Reno buddy action movie.


Mihai Panitescu, was picked from over 4,000 entries. He will get a full
scale model at September's Frankfurt Auto as well as inclusion in
Project Gotham Racing 4.  And,
of course, it's fitted with a now de rigeur XBox 360.

ON: Flux Capacitor: Peugeot Design Competition Winner via @jpenabickley