The “Change” rhetoric of the political races got me thinking about the page I have turned in my own career.  This week will mark the last week I will serve as the Vice President of Interactive at TracyLocke.  I have accepted a position on a growing team of superstars at Wunderman/WPP.  I am looking forward to joining the creative leadership team that Nick Moore has assembled. I am joining one of the most talented, experienced, vetted and proven teams in the agency world.

Since 2006, I have written this blog and worked in the industry for 14 years to educate traditional marketers on the significance and vast reaches of the digital landscape.  Consumer demand, mass media saturation and the convergence of mediums now require marketers who want to compete to deliver relevant ideas anchored in past campaign insights.  Our goal is not to communicate – Our goal is to architect a long term conversation that will lead to a relationship using the tools of mass media in a new and different ways. 

I have explored, researched and worked with agencies for a while.  I have found that there are significant gaps in the experience it will take to change their organizations.  There is no more time to figure it out.  Our clients and their consumers are demanding the strategy, planning and inspiring creative it takes to compete.

What some of us are witnessing and taking part in is an “evolution” at its fundamental roots.  In biology, evolution is a change in the inherited traits of a population from one generation to the next.

A positive change and less painful evolution is impossible and will not happen without the experience of past experiments, failures and learnings.  This approach is not new for marketers and creatives who grew up digital - we have spent our careers in BETA.  It is the way we will have the biggest impact for our clients.

In a week when people are making endorsements and making choices for the future – I choose an organization with the right stuff baby!

Wunderman & WPP = The Right Experience to Change.
I join a team made up of experienced marketers who, in their own right, hold a legacy of leadership, innovation and ideas that have lead to change.  Wunderman is one of the largest, most experienced global marketing services networks in the world.  Its history and legacy are rich.

Wunderman helps powerful brands inspire consumer action. We believe strong, lifelong, profitable customer relationships result from getting the right people talking, the right way, at the right time.”

I am looking forward to blogging my experiences, learnings and work as a creative leader on a proven team.

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