I was perusing the blogs today and rolled across B. Bonin Bough's post on what I think is one of the best communication strategies I have seen in a long time. Enter the Buzz Launch Formula.


While it is not visually appealing (could use some art direction and sit in an Experience map format) it drives home a fantastic approach to the latest ways consumers consume media.  The above chart outlines the societal call to action to help America figure out the drink for them.

They are bringing together an expert panel of behaviorists, mixologists and
tasteologists, who will survey the drinkers of America in their natural
habitats: bars and liquor stores. They will also be our viral launch
team, which will announce the creation of the new science. This will
help people identify the drink for them and eventually drive people to
take an online survey.

a combination of PR and social media outreach use a survey as a platform to discuss people's deeply rooted drink preferences.

  • The drink generator  is and overlay survey data on top of
    the simple 20-question algorithm format that has created successful
    campaigns like Burger King's "Ask Vader." From a development
    standpoint, it must be extremely flexible to have the ability to exist
    on mobile phones, in banners, on kiosks and other data sharing formats.
  • The tactical roll out seemed to be spot on for this audience....every touch point, allow consumers to discover "The Drink for You."


    • In store: a kiosk machine will be placed in areas where the target
      audience shops. When consumers have completed entering their data, the
      machine will allow them to email and/or text the drink to themselves
      and friends. Then a coaster -- that doubles as a coupon -- of the
      "Drink for You" will be given to the consumer.
    • In bar: a similar kiosk will encourage the consumer to complete a
      short questionnaire and deliver the "The Drink for You" on a branded
      coaster that can be given to the bartender to serve the drink on. The
      machine will give the user the option of emailing and/or texting the
      drink to friend or themselves. He or she could also print multiple
      coasters for their friends and take them home with them at the end of
      the night.

    Mobile: When someone receives a text from a friend
    -- which could be sent via online, kiosk or other cell phones -- the
    user will be prompted to answer a series of questions by texting back
    and forth. These questions will determine "The Drink for You." In the
    final response, users are sent their drinks. When users are finished,
    they can email it to themselves and/or friends. They will also be able
    to forward the drink text to friends, who will then be prompted to
    answer a series of questions. Diageo then interacts with consumers,
    literally wherever they are.

    Banner/advertorial: Diageo will buy banner ads on
    target-specific websites. When the user rolls over the banner, it will
    drop down to have an aggregator of recently created drinks. The series
    of questions will also be housed inside. The user will then have the
    ability to develop the drink while remaining in banner.

    Social media: To gain ubiquitous awareness, we will
    create a digital coaster of a chosen drink that links back to "The
    Drink for You" creator. This will become a consistently recognized
    stamp and proof of Diageo's commitment to drinkers everywhere. Users
    can post their virtual coasters to their blogs, use it as their profile
    pictures, amend their email signatures, forward it to friends and print
    it for use at their next outing.

    Surround search and outreach: Focus on terms, from
    drinks to dating to recipes. Distribute/pitch content, stories, data
    and "TDFY" generator widget to top results

    PR: Leverage the scientific nature of the questions
    with a Diageo behaviorist available for commentary on how tastes drive
    everything from behavior to success. As data grows, we get an aggregate
    insight into the taste buds of America and one day the world.

    Pursue online partnerships and celebrity tie-ins:
    As the movement explodes begin to compile celebrity drinks. Hold drink
    compatibility parties. For example, a Match.com partnership may include
    a series of parties where matches are found based on tastes, a la "what
    does you next date taste like?"

    all together this is a great way to approach an idea.  Weighing all the media options as I often do it is interesting that the above does not approach this from a TV-centric though process of throw up a commercial and get awareness... the engagement is baked in an knows that awareness alone is not enough to sell product.

    ON: Diageo’s Buzz Launch Formula via @jpenabickley