Have you ever walked in to a five star restaurant and asked the chef for the ingredients pieced apart on a plate.  Come on, you might wonder how its made but you would never want the chef to send you 5 or 6 ingredients unfinished to the table.

The same can be said of what clients expect of their agencies.  So many agencies get lost in the strategy or technology that they forget that the end result (the creative product) is what sells our clients and more importantly what sells the consumer.

Never forget that the Creative Department, not unlike a stellar chef, not only to comes up with the Creative Idea (vision) but is responsible for taking our clients strategy and selling product with innovative break through creative thinking AND execution.  When we don't do that, we risk everything.  Imagine eating at a restaurant that had a lack of vision and charged a ton of dough... likely you would not go there again and your WOM would reflect it.  Agency life is no different.

Neither our clients nor their target markets cares about what our technology or databases do for them… They are important parts of the story, and it is key that they work, but they do not sell.  It helps facilitate the sell.   

Inevitably what they do care about is; from a client’s side “Does the creative sell more product?”, and from the consumer side “Does the creative align with my aspirations and needs?” 

In a tightening economy so many of our colleagues are finding that clients still need great creative products but that they need to be done without mind blowing technological advances or great operational change to their organizations.

Seems quite simple. Doesn’t it?
In an economy that is being driven by consumer conversations the Conversation is king.  So what is the conversation made of?

Insight. Idea. And last but not least stellar Execution.
Mix in real time results and what you have is a cycle that builds lasting relationships with both your client and their consumers.

Keep It Simple  - deliver a scrumptious, memorable meal -  Make it about the work – and the work will sell.  Like a meal that is unforgettable, the people will talk about it and you will have started a conversation.

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