Do our clients pay for our process? Or do they pay for the best creative output for their brands?  I would be the first to say clients don't care how its made as long as what you make works for their brands.  They typically have hired us to build their brand and sell more products.  So do your self a favor in your next pitch or client meeting - get rid of that process slide! You know which one I am talking about.  The one with a 4 linear arrows - or my personal favorite is the circular arrows. It only serves to undermine all the hard work that goes into creativity.

The manner of an artist is essentially individual; The method of an artist is absolutely universal.  The first is personality which no one should copy; The second is perfection, which all should aim at. - Oscar Wilde

"Creative Process" is a bit of an oxymoron - like jumbo shrimp or black
light.  It's like Jackson Pollock splattering by numbers.  However an oxymoron, it's not.  "Process" is the logical part of creativity.  For all Pollock's random gesturing he had a process. He worked on white canvass with four square corners.  He picked particular brushes and colors.  And most of all, though his splatters seem random when taken individually, together, his works coalesce into a definitive pattern and style.

Your creative process is your secret sauce, trump card and trade secret all rolled into one.  Teach your team how to care for it; you'll need help raising it.  But that's it.  Don't reveal your creative process to outsiders, especially clients.  If the method works, they'll see the results soon enough in their bottom line and in yours.

Don't sell the process, build the brand with your creativity.

ON: Your Creative Process via @jpenabickley