I was cruising Contagious today and found that my favorite sport shoe brand has launched a retention program.  For a moment It gave me a pause to realize that I had my RED (Converse) on.  In celebration of their 100th birthday, Converse launched an groovy new campaign in Japan that allows fans of the brand to do their advertising for them.  For a shoe brand to think about using the product as a badge of  character is incredibly smart. They have taken the very best practices of loyalty programs and made the shoe a social media platform.  HOT!



"The campaign allows members of the brand’s loyal army of devoted followers to appoint themselves as ad agency, taking on a series of promotional challenges hosted on a dedicated website. The tasks include the creative customization of advertising banners and avatars, which can then be used to promote the brand beyond the confines of the site itself. The more successful their promotion, the more points the user is awarded - these can eventually be exchanged for exclusive Converse products." - Source: Contagious Magazine


Consumers are always open to all types of brand worshiping activities.  I have found that the more options you give them the will be more than willing they are to jump through some engaging hoops if it means getting their hands on some limited edition goodies which this site is loaded with a treasure trove of social media bling bling!
While the website is in Japanese, its innovation requires no interpretation.  Take a look at it http://thankyou.converse.co.jp

ON: Converse Japan via @jpenabickley