Tonight I was following the Iowa Caucuses on TV with my laptop open.  While following the election results I toggled between three sites. (ABC, CNN and NYTimes) After about 30 minutes of play, I have concluded that CNN has one of the best designed news sites.  This iteration of has tons of functionality which is what sets CNN apart from many of the other news sites. 

From dynamic breaking news that subtly draws itself and your attention to updates to the everyday people -"I-Reporters" - posting and tracking the candidates to the seamless streams of live and pre-taped content I have to say that this site has taken an enormous leap from its design early last year.  One of the things I really enjoyed was the use of  third party partnerships and content that allows you to play with JibJab's Zombie Politics and the Presidential Pong

The balance of video content and web 2.0 functionality offers users a reason to stay engaged and dig past the headlines to get involved with creating and shaping the content.  As the election season gets into full swing I encourage you to take advantage of the social nature of this CNN website.

ON: CNN’s Political Experience via @jpenabickley