Crispin Porter + Bogusky knows how to start a conversation. They also know how to use that conversation to sell burgers! In partnership with Burger King they are standing strong with the Virgins.  Yah, you heard me... I said "virgin"! (and i don't mean the now defunct US mega-store.)  The concept is straightforward: You have to find people who never tasted a
hamburger before.  Then you have to
feed each of them a Whopper and a Big Mac, and let them decide which
was more pleasing to their palates.  The ultimate taste test.

Picture 5 
From tracking down burger "virgins" in your network, to asking people to
sacrifice Facebook friends, Burger King publicized its product - but
also polarized the press.
They did so knowing their job is not to please the press, but to excite fast-foodies.  Think about it...Who would you sacrifice a Facebook friendship with to get a free Whopper? I can name a few. 😉 Unfortunately, the application was so smart that it violated Facebook privacy rights and has since been taken down.

The guttiest part of this entire campaign was that CP+B's goal wasn't to show a taste test or build an portable application, it was to sell burgers any way possible.  And they have done so by pushing buttons, getting real national recognition (SNL), and more importantly getting people thinking about where they eat.

What I love about this work is that I could envision the client brief.  SELL BURGERS AT ALL COSTS.  I am sure the fun ensued from there.

ON: BK’s Cojones = Meaty Sales via @jpenabickley