Having spent years developing relationship marketing strategies for big brands, I am now of the opinion that affinity for a brand can wear off quickly when they begin spamming you with irrelevant crap!

I offer a bit of a cynical view when it comes to RM programs as everyone says they have one...but are they really offering consumers anything of value to inspire loyalty? 

When Jim Beam sends me the latest sticker for my decanter do they really know me?  If they did they would offer me something I found valuable...not another sticker or calendar at Christmas.  (Which by the way I am Jewish.)

I am of the mindset that these brands need to stop spamming us as well as giving thoughtless gifts.  This has yet to win over my affection or affinity.  Give me a badge I can wear (not literally - but metaphorically) Give me something that is all about me.  Something I can wear and make it my own.

Make it simple! Stop emailing and start using RSS (real simple syndication). All major consumer email carriers have readers.  Shoot Google has a great way to keep track of brands that have RSS feeds in their easy to use iGoogle interface.  Give me the information I want in a simple format so that I can gain quick access.

After the latest spam from AMEX for the alert for My WishList or the next tasting in a town that is to far too walk to I beg brand mavens to stop the madness and give me something that is worthy of me repeating.  Something that is true to your brand.

I want, like all consumers want, to be in the know and feel smart. How is your brand delivering information so that I am a better, smarter, and quicker consumer?

AMEX, Jim Beam and Reel Video quit spamming me.  Give me an RSS feed
for my rewards points and my favorite programs.   

Throw in widget that spits out valuable information I cannot get anywhere else. Allow me to repost it and show people how cool I am.  I would love for VW to create a widget that told me it was time to put my top up on a rainy day. (That way I could stay far away from the dreaded condition of swamp-ass on a summer day.)  And then you have me at hello.

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