Change has come! Enter the newly redesigned


The site is well designed.  Fresh simplicity combined with the cool "Barack blue" highlights that call attention to the new Web 2.0 functions are at the forefront of the new Presidential brand.  More importantly, I noted that it was 508
compliant as required by law. Organic has reported that jQuery 1.2.6 was used for all the key wiring.   What I love is that our government now offers multitudinous  RSS feeds

This looks to be the beginning of a more transparent government.  I look forward to following the Presidential blog.  Sadly there is no way to comment on the posts.  Lets not forget that there will be Presidential Tweets.  For those of you who noticed...Yes, right after Obama won on Nov.4th he quit tweeting at  According to my democratic sources you can now follow our digital President at the following accounts:

ON: A White House Redesign via @jpenabickley