Last night's Saturday Night Live Mothers Day Special resurrected the best of SNL in the last 10 years. This resurrection was lead by Betty White who us gave us 90 minutes of non-stop laughs.>

Betty's appearance was made possible by a Facebook petition. The page was created to "encourage both Betty White AND Saturday Night Live that Betty would be a FANTASTIC choice to host SNL." A little over half a million Facebook Users clicked the "like" button and SNL listened.

The kicker of the night was the digital short. What began as a heartwarming collaboration of all Saturday Night Live current cast members and returning female all-stars paying tribute to White by singing “Thank You For Being A Friend,” then took a very dark, sadomasochistic turn.  

Last night NBC & SNL made TV relevant again with the power of a social media platform.

on: a digital mother’s day via @jpenabickley