The film industry has finally caught on that there is more to promoting their content properties than launching a branded widget or throwing up a MySpace community.  If you want to create a real fan, involve them in storyline and blur the line between the story and their reality. 

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This is exactly what Hollywood has begun doing.  Lets start with the site for the film 2012.  A faux group called the Institute for Human Continuity is focused on
ensuring the existence of human life after Earth is decimated by a
series of events foretold by the Mayans.  The Institute has several possible
disaster scenarios outlined and links to survival guidebooks --
including one detailing how to survive a tsunami.

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Visitors to the
Institute can sign up for the IHC Lottery, which offers people across
the globe an equal chance at living through the year 2012.  I love this approach because it is what Hollywood does best.  Ahhh!!!! (sign of relief) The message and the medium sharing an idea and space in a viewer's life.

Visit the site at

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