One of the many things that I love about what I do is that I get to identify great talent and try to work them into our teams as we think big and create for our clients.  Here is my list of digital hot shops to watch in 2009.

1. First Born

Picture 6

Why Watch? Their sheer ability to show competitive spirit is reason enough to put them at the top of the digital scene.

2. Visual Goodness

Picture 9

Why Watch? Visual Goodness time after time launches with grace and continues to deliver superb 3D and rich media executions. From video production to 3D modeling and composition to Flash
Development Visual Goodness knocks-em-dead.

3. Big Spaceship

Picture 8

Why Watch? They are constantly raising the bar for what you can do for brands using flash.  How many FWA awards do these guys have? They rarely fail to deliver the hot creative that keeps their name at the top of headlines.

4. The Barbarian Group

Picture 10


Why Watch? Creativity magazine has named The Barbarian Group digital company of the year. You can read all about it here.   Barbarian knows what it takes to work with big agencies and even bigger brands!

5. 2Advanced Studios

Picture 11

Why Watch? Breathtaking design. Limitless imagination shown on their own site has translated multimedia for big brands.

6. Projector

Picture 13

Why Watch?
Why not.  They cleaned up at Cannes in 2008 for their work with UNIQLO.  I that they market themselves to new recruits through an open casting call on their blog.  It invites art directors, designers and writers who can bring innovation to their show.

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