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ON: Doritos + Consumers = Marketing

Doritos gets it!
This is a consumer goods product that truly giving up control to their consumers using rich content and community to build its brand. This past year Doritos received a ton of hype with their consumer-generated Super Bowl ad and ended up with arguably good ads. 


More recently, the strategy puts the consumer as the storyteller and the medium by inviting consumers to decide which new limited edition chip flavor will survive. Enter Fight For The Flavor. The idea of voting for a new product flavor or color isn't new (M&Ms, Crest, Ice Breakers etc.) but actually releasing the product (and investing in the Consumer based R&D) is.  By doing so, they're encouraging immediate trial and consumer engagement with the brand in order to "fight for the flavor".

Check it out.www.snackstrongproductions.com

What I love about this is that the Doritos team realizes the art and science of marketing.  They are using body of techniques for investigating a consumer phenomena and acquiring new knowledge through consumer’s feedback loops and data, as well as for correcting and integrating previous knowledge of the past campaigns.

ON: Doritos + Consumers = Marketing via @jpenabickley

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ON: Nike’s The Second Coming Mashup


For a marketing trend to be legit, Nike jumps on board and makes it legit, letting everybody else make mistakes before it swoops in with its gigantor marketing team and victorious hear-me-roar worldview.

To illustrate, they improved on Dove's decent but docile Real Beauty campaign, not just representing imperfections but embracing them with manic ferocity, even writing little manifestos about the merits of thunder thighs - which would be crazy-lame if done by anybody else but Nike.

So it's apt that they call their take on consumer-generated ads "The Second Coming”.
And instead of begging for whatever you can pull out of your tushi  (a method yielding only ironic or lackluster <http://tinyurl.com/lvok7> results), they've wrapped an iron fist around the potential outcomes.

With footage featuring all-stars like Bryant, LeBron and Nash, users can manipulate the order of the clips and choose a version of a hand-picked theme song, The Second Coming by Juelz Santana and Just Blaze.

Stringent much? Hell yes. Nike's careful about the brand appropriation beast. While such controls get frowns from zealous consumer-is-king marketers, the swoosh goddess didn't become an ideology powerhouse for nothing.

Users can download their mash-ups or disseminate them on mobile phones.
No promises of ad spots here. This is less a consumer-generated ad thing and more an interactivity-with-the-brand thing. And these days, we like that somebody has the discipline to hold fast to their position.

Visit this site - http://www.nikemashup.com/

ON: Nike’s The Second Coming Mashup via @jpenabickley
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