The space industry has evolved from a governmental structure to a public-private cooperative structure. The newest generation of pioneers of the industry are in the midst of redesigning the frontiers of space. With forward leaning leaders looking towards interplanetary civilization, new space designers are actively building the technologies, tools, and human experiences. Space design is inspiring creativity and helping us think differently about ourselves and our future.

Dava Newman: Space-wear designer & aeronautical/astronautical engineer.

Designing for space is pervasive across cultures, from fashion and entertainment to advertising and design. Even the perceived sound of space, or sonic space, is an extrasensory ingredient that can add to a design or experience. Designing products for use in severe environments ,such as space, opens up a new framework for innovating designs that ease our lives on Earth. This becomes more critical as we overpopulate the planet, become conscious of dwindling resources, and susceptible to radical weather patterns. Design in the new space era is unleashing a symbiotic relationship between space and Earth, as seen by the explosive growth of commercial satellites and a significant increase of private sector investments in the field.

Orchestrating change at the scale of the cosmos

Beyond the Cradle 2019
SpaceIL - Beresheet's Journey to the Moon
Blue Origin:Millions of People Living and Working in Space
Planet Labs - Data Making Knowledge Visible
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx: Mission to Bennu

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The space industry has evolved from a governmental structure to a public-private cooperative structures that are innovating at light speed. By Joanna Peña-Bickley @jojobickley via @jpenabickley