The last few glorious days I have had driven in to work with the radio blasting and the convertible top down.  On my way up I-95 I noticed a billboard that attracted my attention and peaked my curiosity.516ask launched a TV, outdoor, online and print campaign that's all about the algorithm. The campaign positions the algorithm as the ingredient that powers and binds the search engine's products together. Four friends are talking about using the algorithm in "BBQ" -- although it quickly becomes clear that one man has no idea what it is and does a poor job pretending that he does.

"Daddy" is hysterical. A child tells his dad that a classmate was teased at school because her parents use a "lame algorithm." The father then tells his son, "your mom and I get everything we want with the most powerful algorithm on earth," as the child exclaims, "I knew it!"

The outdoor teaser campaign features strange lines such as, "The Unabomber Hates The Algorithm" and "The Algorithm Constantly Finds Jesus." Weeks later, the ads were rebranded with the logo



The online media is just as brilliant and simple.
So simple that you are encouraged to engage despite not having to much information. 

ON:The Algorithm via @jpenabickley