The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and Above
the Influence expose stoners in their natural habitat to promote drug
I can't remember the last time I had such mixed feelings about a piece
of creative. Check out the site at http://www.abovetheinfluence.com

On one side, the Above the Influence campaign has done a
spectacular job of creating an informative, immersive, fun interactive
experience.  On the other hand, I believe they have failed miserably at
actually achieving their goal. In fact, my informal polling
uncovered a unanimous response: "This would be awesome to play with
when you're high." Clearly not the message they were aiming for. 

I don't want to be cynical in thinking that this site is going to be
frequented by a bunch of kids gagging back hits of pot, and maybe
that's who Above the Influence wants to attract. 

While the idea is cool...the execution blows up and seems fake.   If you have done any research in the last two years you would know, kids are not into fake and their peers and parents are their biggest influencer's.   This site is really bush league.  It is marketers talking to themselves. 

I think a group of kids could have done a better job of influencing their peers.  thoughts???

ON:The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign via @jpenabickley