Now that the advertising industry has finally got its head round
digital creativity, we’re at an interesting crossroads. The potential
for interactive experiences and stunning creative is expanding every
day, as bandwidth expands and consumers spend more time online. So far,
so obvious. However, a new site created by North Kingdom in Sweden is provoking some debate in the blogosphere for being…well, ahead of its time.

The site in question is a continuation of the Got Milk campaign, at www.gettheglass.com.
Based around the idea of a boardgame, users navigate stunning graphics
to get the milk-deprived Adachi family around all five regions of the
board and into Fort Bridge to get the glass of milk. While this is
going on Fort Bridge security are hot on your tail, ever-ready to ship
you off to ‘Milkatraz’.

So why so

Because it’s sooooooo slow, that’s why. On a broadband connection, on am mac using firefox I think our Internet connection’s probably as good as
most, yet each page and stage of the game takes around a minute to

Once you get going, it’s a lot of fun, but haven’t we spent the
last two years trying get people to understand that online experiences
must be customized for optimal usage? How many calcium deficients do
you know with that much free time on their hands? And just because you
CAN make a site look that beautiful, does it mean that you SHOULD at
the expense of functionality?

Check it out fr yourself! www.gettheglass.com 

ON:Get The Glass via @jpenabickley