During the transitional years between the "bust" and the climb to 2.0  I spent four years working with direct and financial brands as a creative leader in a CRM [consumer relationship management] focused agency.  During those years I found that there were many CRM  strategies that were not a fit for all businesses.  There were the obvious direct to consumer brands in financial services, technology, and specialty goods.  All to often when when we studied CPG [consumer packaged goods] brands we often felt that we were force fitting CRM on products that needed mass media support to drive volume.  The costs of one-to-one programs often exceeded the return on investment for products with $2.00 cost to the consumer.

As the consumer has evolved, the media has fragmented and the conversation economy has emerged we have realize that our consumer's voice in our brands is an important element to learning and product innovation. Marketing campaigns need to deliver more than just a consistent message across the mediums they have to create desire and facilitate people's conversations. We, the creators [agencies, consultants and consumer creators] must look to architect peoples conversations with our ideas, tools and product innovations.

What happens when you combine the principles of CRM [encouraging a profitable relationship with people who love and evangelize your products] with social and mass media?

You get CRM 2.0 - Community Relationship Management

The latest studies by Forrester on consumer clusters and behavior in those communities have lead me
to begin developing a road map that gives the BIG idea a model that uses a
hybrid approach to developing relationships through passion with the use of mass media and people to drive awareness.


1.] Identify Community Emotional Needs
2.] Develop Community Personas
3.] Concept "Tools" or "Ideas" {Fulfill Desire}
4.] Develop A Key Message {Simple Relatable Story}
5.] Choose Best Media Vehicles & Partnerships {Offer Reach & Engagement}
6.] Craft Feedback Loops For Learning
7.] Develop Rapid Response To Consumer Feedback
8.] Use Consumer Feedback to Deliver Innovation

Using these steps I have had successes and many learnings. I have just begun this endevour and am looking to enhance and continue testing it.  What are your thoughts?  How would you craft an effective campaign that gives CPG brands reach and engagement?

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