happens in New York on July 11th.  This is the first conference focused specifically on how marketers can take advantage of widget
technology to join the social media conversation and empower consumers
to spread brand messages and voluntary throughout their own online outposts
(blogs, social network profiles, personal pages.)  I've been evangelizinging widget marketing
for quite a while
and the channel has certainly heated up over the past month or two.

The new comScore Widget Metrics report shows that 21% of the online population already uses widgetsTime to get on-board, marketers.

Here's a Freewebs/Clearspring widget
that provides all the information you'll need and lets you request your

Rock the widget
--and if you're a social media maven, don't forget to click "Get This!"
in the top right corner of the widget so you can help continue the conversation.

See you there!


ON: WidgetCon 2007 via @jpenabickley