Purely from a design standpoint this image of majestic skyscappers excites me for the future of our Island.

This artist's conception shows the lower Manhattan skyline as proposed after
the construction of the Freedom Tower and other buildings. 

Britain's Norman Foster and Richard Rogers and Japan's Fumihiko Maki
each designed one of the three buildings that will swirl around a
memorial where the World Trade Center's Twin Towers once stood.

Construction should be completed by 2012.

heights of 1,350 feet, 1,255 feet and 946 feet, they will be among the
tallest buildings in New York. But they will be eclipsed by the
neighboring 1,776-foot Freedom Tower, whose final design by American
David Childs was revealed earlier this year.

ON: The 2012 Look To Our Skyline via @jpenabickley