Many people have asked me for my opinion on the Aqua Teen Hunter Terror Scare.  I usually start my answer by cocking one eyebrow up, letting out a sigh and stating, “Poor project management (the marketing company should have gotten permits or called to see if there were any zoning issues), added with main stream media’s big disconnect of what is really going with the American culture, multiplied by a mass audience who has been conditioned by our own government to fear the unknown, equaled a mess.”

For those of us that live in NYC and do the treck down the west side highway, we are used to seeing the funny little video game creature on the side of buildings.

For those of you who have been living under a rock or to consumed with Super Bowl Mania (go bears) here is what happened… Gadgets intended to promote cult cartoon series Aqua Teen Hunger Force triggered a bomb alert in Boston, after guerrilla marketers placed crudely made devices in strategic locations such as bridges and railway stations.

The battery and wires caused immediate suspicion; the city was shut down while police 'diffused' the situation, and parent company Turner Broadcasting was forced to offer a swift apology.

The sorry stunters (Peter Berdovsky, a freelance video artist and Sean Stevens) were arrested, but provoked the ire of the national news media by using a press conference to discuss the merits of seventies hairstyles instead of eating humble pie.

I think what was really sad was that CNN and Turner Company reported on the Terror Scare, when it was their own entertainment division that hired Interference Inc, a New York based company, to promote the show.  Make you kind of wonder weather the entertainment division leaked the news to CNN for the purposes of buzz creation?  (Just a conspiracy theorists thought)  Or was it just gross incompetence in reporting. (All they had to do was walk down the hall – right?)

I think that the wise Charlie Gibson had the best angle on it.  See the Brilliant segment from ABC news

Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans are keeping the Boston Bomb Scare buzz alive with some just-in-time entrepreneurship. 

Get your mooninite t-shirts here or, step up to the plate and place a bid for an actual weapon of mass deception.  The current bid is $242.50 with just over 23 hours to go.   Terror Scare or Bad Buzz?

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