As a person who spends close to 15 hours a day online, one glaring weakness I’ve found is the difficulty in managing small bits of information.

StickyTag puts user information in the “cloud,” meaning you have access to it anywhere you have a web enabled PC (whether or not you are on your own computer). The folks at
StickyTag haven’t forgotten about mobile either, that’s coming soon.

Recent updates to the StickyTag application are:

  • No Banner Ads - removed the advertising banner on the “web top” screen after login. While advertising will return, when it does we’re working to insure it doesn’t interfere with the overall user experience.
  • Enlarged Font Now when editing a sticky or any time you click on a sticky the font is enlarged for a better reading and editing experience. (For reference stickies used to stay the same size as their current standard size.)
  • One Click Resize Much like a desktop app might be have. The when you click on a sticky it enlarges. The moment you click outside of the sticky it resizes back to its original size.
ON: StickyTags via @jpenabickley