"Just doing my job" isn't anywhere near a valid excuse for careless
marketers, according to Seth Godin in an interesting post on the need for more responsible marketing.

"If marketing works, it means that free choice isn't quite so free. It
means that marketers get to influence and amplify desires." And when
those marketers happen to be blind, remorseless evangelists, well,
that's when the storm comes a-brewin'.

Basically, the message is that
if you're gonna be paid to push, heaven help you if you're pushing
eco-killers, health hazards, and all other known evils--and more
importantly Shame on you.

If you get asked to market something, you're responsible.
You're responsible for the impacts, the costs, the side effects and the
damage. You killed that kid. You poisoned that river. You led to that
fight. If you can't put your name on it, I hope you'll walk away. If
only 10% of us did that, imagine the changes. Imagine how proud you'd
be of your work.

The amazing thing is that over and over again, we're discovering
that marketers who actually take responsibility for their marketing are
actually more successful. Go figure.

ON: Seth’s Post “A marketer’s obligation to sell it like it is” via @jpenabickley