Today Sean Mills posted a great piece that rings very true.

I keep hearing folks in the online media world, with an ominous sense
of fear, say that things feel like “it’s 1999 again.” I assume all the
new cleverly named digital media companies, the big acquisitions, and
the increased media attention towards online advertising are part of
the reason. As for me, I see stark differences. The growth is driven by
blue-chip advertisers, not an irrational IPO market. Broadband and
wireless connectivity is everywhere and time spent online, especially
for key advertising demographics, has and will only continue to

In fact, unlike that sense that the bottom could drop out at any time
which crept into conversation at the ubiquitous open-bar parties around
the end of the last millennium, I believe the future is bright. Studies
have shown the Internet is responsible for 25 percent of overall media
consumption, while Web advertising only receives 6 percent of total
marketing budgets. That spread spells clear opportunity for successful
online publishers in the years to come.

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