Imagine having to sell play to kids. 

It sounds ridiculous. But that's exactly the situation the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention found themselves in five years ago
as youth obesity was reaching epidemic proportions. So in 2001, we
created Verb-- a brand and web-centered campaign dedicated to inspiring

Verb Yellowball is our most recent campaign effort.

The idea is simple. We're putting hundreds of thousands of yellow
balls out into the world and encouraging kids to find them, play with
them, then pass them on to another kid. In essence, creating an endless
chain letter of play.

Each ball has a unique code number and instructions that send kids
to this microsite where they can enter the code and blog what they did
with the ball.  This code also allows them to see who had the ball
before them-- then continue to track their ball once they've passed it

See the website at:

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