EmurseEmurse.com is a sweet example of
a "web 2.0"  application, used for resume sharing and generation. This public beta is being used to deerminenew features in the
near future.

When first logging in Emurse, you will be presented with an overview
page. This page lists all of your existing resumes, recent statistics
in a nice bar graph showing views and downloads, and even an area on
the right that lists jobs you may be interested in, powered by Indeed,
for those of you on a job hunt. First, I love being able to login and
instantly see the statistics for my resumes - something you don’t see
to often in services with resume builders. Secondly, I want to continue
on the job results. Emurse uses a unique method that reads your
existing resumes and extracts your skills from each to find jobs that
are most relevant to your experience. It’s a neat feature, one I’m sure
will be very helpful for anyone on the search, although I’d like to be
able to view more results instead of only the two being listed. Also,
if results don’t appear to be all that relevant, Emurse also allows you
to go into you account settings and add keywords for more accurate

ON: Getting A Jiggy Resume via @jpenabickley