Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. That's certainly the case
with this site. By focusing the experience on "Freaking your friend's
" and the resulting magical video and follow-up phone call, the
designers were able to create an experience that requires little effort
from the viewer but has a very cool and impressive payoff.


Quite often the best ideas are the easiest...This is not the first type of
experience I've seen like this but the production quality of this
experience is exceptional and well planned. Details like the
editing of the video and the change up of the presentation of the final
card (the last digit in the phone number where Criss flips the correct
number out of the deck of cards) adds a layer of believability that's
often overlooked.

And then… the phone rings.


"Let's create a viral campaign" is something that I hear a
lot. But ultimately it's the viewer is who determines if a campaign
becomes viral because the content or message is relevant, easy and touches an emotional note.

This experience has
the right combination and I have started a conversation in my community.  I've freaked at least five friend's minds so far.

See the site at

ON: Freaking your friends mind via @jpenabickley