British Airways, the official airline sponsor of Wimbledon, asked to develop a fun, engaging interactive campaign that shows
British Airways knows London better than anyone. created online ad units featuring cheeky animated
vignettes that display proper etiquette while among fellow Wimbledon
spectators. A voice-over narrates the action, and a viral component
lets visitors forward the episodes to friends directly from the ads.

After an episode plays, visitors can scroll through the ad units and
play additional etiquette advice while a voice-over encourages users to
scroll through more of the vignettes. By interacting with the ad units,
visitors can find the recipe for a Pimms Cup, a popular drink served at
Wimbledon, and learn that one of the best ways to attend a match is to
ask a departing guest to pass along their "debenture" tickets.

ON: Britsh Airways Cheeky Animated Vignettes via @jpenabickley