Why?  Why ask Why?  Wrangler the definition of an all American bravado brand seems to have taken its brand to an existential place that does not connect with the people who buy their jeans. The "WHY?"campaign that asks why and then answers with "we are animals" does not tell me why I should wear their jeans or why Wrangler will gives me more bravado than other jeans.

Here is the WHY Mantra: "Why do we do certain things?
Where does this strength come from, this strength which pushes us forward, helps us and drives us?
Is there something in each of us, what makes us stronger?
And where does this instinct come from, which makes us, go further without thinking?

There is a way to make Wranglers sheik. This is not one of them.   Even if this was for a Belgian and French audience it seems to loose its core rugged brand presence with a Frenchman speaking in English and not being able to articulate "speed up" instead of "spit up".  What plays in Eurpoe does not always play in Peoria.


The campaign site at http://eu.wrangler.com did a much better job of making the brand look like the American bravado revisited with runway looks that took the rugged denim to a fashionista friendly look for those who want a rugged attitude and life.  While the spot sold me nothing, I would recommend hitting the site at  http://eu.wrangler.com. The site sells the idea "We Are Animals" in away that connects with purchasing jeans.

ON: Wrangler’s Why? via @jpenabickley