A44a282c9b454633aea14d37aabdacd41 If you are rolling with your hommies to France for Cannes make sure to attend Wildfire!  This is yet another joint creative partnership that combines the world of publishing and agencies who give them something to write about.  (contagious magazine out of the UK and Leo Burnett) Over the last few years I have attended when it was in NYC and it is a great gathering of people.  Lots of creative blood to network with. 

One of the many thinkgs that I love about this event is that that they highlight work and the best ideas that real people engaged with. 

This year:
Leo Burnett will be talking about their fresh, 'HumanKind' approach to
marketing - always putting people at the center of their thinking. Not
the brand, not the category. In keeping with this, we’ve got case
studies from the world’s biggest brand Nokia, and will be finding out how Swedish retailer IKEA personalized their meatballs and MDF shopping experience. We’ll be looking at how Guinness in Hong Kong and Coca-Cola
in China transformed community events with a little smart thinking, and
bringing you the branded content emerging from unlikely places and
winning viewers worldwide.

If you are lucky enough to be amongst the glitter and glam side of our business Wildfire is a must!

Ripped From Their Press Release:
Everything that matters in the
advertising business begins and ends with two things: people and
behaviour. Wildfire brands understand this better than any, and are
themselves built and defined by the people who buy them – people with
the imagination, tools and enthusiasm to share their feelings and
opinions about their favourite products with their peers.

brands were created for, and thrive within today's 'People Era' – an
era when marketers have to be more human in their behavior, insight
and voice than ever before.

With this in mind, some of the most
successful brands of the 21st century will be explored as well as new
forms of advertising that feel more like real life than marketing. The
panel will talk to people from all over the world about what they
expect in return from the brands they invest their valuable time and
money in, and show what turns a buyer of a brand into an advocate.

In short, Wildfire 2008 will look at the business of advertising through a distinctly human lens.

ON: Wildfire at Cannes via @jpenabickley