Wendy's has released a video that our friends at Ad Age are calling "Viral". You guys know how I feel about that word. Only a consumers can make a video viral.

This one is spun our of the "meatatarian" campaign.  The question remains will this video get more people to buy Wendy's burgers?  What do you guys think?

I did follow the link to http://www.meatatariansunite.com that appeared in the video. I entered my email and this was the email I got.

"Congratulations carnivorous carnivore, you are now an official Meatatarian. The Highly Esteemed Council of Meatatarians has assessed your love for all things meat, and has declared you worthy of this title.

Download your official Certificate of Meatatarianism. We suggest you print and display it proudly over your desk, dinner table, workbench, truck dashboard or wherever you partake of your favorite savory meats.

As you celebrate your position at the top of the food chain, please click here to enjoy this coupon for the crown jewel of all Meatatarian meals, Wendy’s Baconator®. Six strips of hickory smoked bacon atop two hot ‘n juicy beef patties really is the official meal of all Meatatarian meals.

Welcome to the movement. Meatatarians unite!"

The biggest problem for me was none of my browsers were supported so I could not follow any of the links. So the question remains - Is your lettuce a Meatatarian?

ON: Wendy’s Crazy Lettuce via @jpenabickley