This week I was working with my team to develop a photographic style for one of our clients retention programs.  As a wanna be photographer I am always taken by capturing a feeling, a moment or the power of truth in an photograph.  When I stumbled on to New York-based photographer Vincent Laforet’s site - I felt short of breathe.  From his photo of Katrina to his ability “miniaturize” shots of big time sports events.  He uses a technique called Tilt-Shift.  This style can give you amazing ability on the web.

Check out my faves!




Vincent’s work has been featured in the
world’s best magazines like National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Sports
Illustrated, Time, Life, and Newsweek. In 2005 he was named one of the
“100 Most Influential People In Photography” by American Photo Magazine
and it’s not hard to see why.


His more journalistic
documentary photos are the epitome of the old saying “a picture’s worth a thousand
words”. There isn’t a single shot that doesn’t evoke and portray


Check out Vincent Laforet’s site >>

ON: Vincent Laforet via @jpenabickley