a part of the urban experience that i love is that art is everywhere.  it appears in architecture, chalk drawings on the side walk, a t-shirt or even a brick wall.  While I am glad that the nyc subway tagging is gone - i am glad that harlem offers me tons of inspiration that i bring to my digital work. sometimes i imagine placing minimal gui over the art to make it interactive.  while i understand that graffiti is controversial - i find it inspiring.  i can experience the passion of artists on the street. it is very much a part of the landscape of the neighborhood and reflective of the budding artist who thrive here.

enjoy a few of my favorites from around the world.


we need love not bombs

The Mac

Retna Saber Revok SeventhLetter AWR MSK LosAngeles Graffiti Art

Elmac and Retna on Western

Unicef: Vaccine


MegaCombo 2

wall 24

Graffiti art


Halo Mural

Graffiti art

Urban Soldier

Graffiti art

Banksy Maid

Graffiti art

Graffiti art

Barcelona Graffiti

if you are in nyc and want to view the taggers play house take the 7 train and look north as you emerge from the depths of the east river into queens.  i encourage you to check it out the next time you are on your way to see the mets kick some ass.

on: urban art via @jpenabickley