10103406_2What do you get when your lazy web master forgets to pull down the your last campaign?

French Cosmetic Titan, Lancome, has just found out.
The company is being accused of continuing to use and drive sales on its Asian and Canadian web "Billboards" by using Uma Thuman's face without Uma's permission.

Uma has filed a 15 million dollar suit.

Lancome countered with a suit saying they never "knowingly"  used Uma's image and thought that the web pages were "inadvertingly archived".

Rumor has it that Lancome only offered her 100k for the illegal use of her image after her 5.8 million dollar contract was up. 

So what do you think...

Talent fee theft?  Or a incompitant web company?

ON: UMA vs. Lancome via @jpenabickley