When I start thinking about how to tell a relevant brand story that a consumer will repeat, I begin with preparing our clients for the fact that in this brave new world, the idea is a hypothesis and the consumers behavior will prove or disprove with data. 

I sincerely believe in benchmarks on creative. (not many creatives do - but we are in the business of marketing to move product off the shelves - so why wouldn't you be?) When I look back at past projects I use the analytics and learnings as fuel for my creative fire.  I have used many methods and tracking services in the past.

Particularity with flash, after I layout my site in a Temporal Spec., I identify all the actionable consumer feedback loops and data points.  Recently I stumbled on to Crazy Egg.


There are many heat mapping applications out there, CrazyEgg's has the best interface. A simple way to view your results and see what happened. Heatmaps are easy to understand and will provide you with instant actionable information.


The newest feature that has been added to Crazy Egg is called Confetti. Confetti allows you to look at your site from a very informative point of view.Confetti is my favorite view. It allows you to interact with a rich flash visualization of all of your clicks. Color and filter clicks based on Top 15 Referrers, Search Terms, Operating System, Browser, etc... you can also Isolate the data you want to compare and hide the rest. All without having to reload a thing.


With the Overlay you can learn more about the clicks on each element of your page. The overlay visualization helps you drill down to each element of your page


This is a very typical service but the way that is organized is what makes it special.  You get a summary of your click data in a single view. The list view allows you to drill down to the statistics for each element on your web page. You can also export the information into CSV format.

One of the best uses for Crazy Egg, is to find out how many clicks you’ve had on a certain image or link, if you associate that with content you can gauge which content is more interesting to your viewers.  I am sure that there are flaws in the product that I have yet to find, but Crazy Egg has been one of the best web tracking services I’ve used. Crazy Egg offers a lot of great tools that can improve your site and it’s a good choice for anyone doing web work who wants to prove the worth of their creative.

ON: Tracking Consumers Behavior For The Best Site Optmization via @jpenabickley