It works for Brittany, it works for Paris... But does it or can it work for you?  In our uber voyeuristic culture, can your opinion, porn or lack of tech acumen be a detriment to your career?  Of course it can!

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has set up a Web site
warning young Britons that what they post to social networking websites
becomes public record, a woman in Italy is learning first hand that her
employers follow her actions on the Internet. Anna ‘pornoprof’ Cirani has been suspended from her teaching duties after it came to light that she also has a thriving career in pornography on Google Video.  The UK Commissioner’s Office published comments
that it said were from the people interviewed for its survey precluding
the release of its new educational website, where a 14-year-old girl
from Scotland remarked: “Initial thoughts — who cares?  There are lots people who do care.

I checked out the video
(warning: pornographic content), to see what the fuss was about,
and as it turns out, she is quite naked and very much in public during
the filming of the video.  What surprised me is the fact that the video
itself only has 125,000 views, and appears to be the authentic original
video that started the whole controversy. There could be compelling case made,
after watching the video, that more people saw her appear naked during
the actual filming of the video than have watched it on the web.

Really, then, the question is less of whether appearing in
pornography should exclude one from becoming a moulder of young minds,
but whether being naked in public is a firing offense in Italy
(although, one could argue that porn actresses are already moulders of
young minds).  If she were an educator in the US, and yes I realize we are one of the most prude countries around, she would have been ousted with a good amount of fanfare.  Regardless, it is still amazing that folks still think that what goes on the Internet has zero bearing on actual real life.

I can understand the kids perhaps not getting that connection.
They’re kids. But a teacher?  Perhaps someone unable to grasp the
concept deserves to be fired based on those grounds alone.

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