If you have been watching my updates lately you have seen me reporting new finds in Harlem.  I have been doing this with the new Nokia Nuron and Ovi Maps. Last month this mobile device was launched and we created the social platform and campaign that allows you to update your status through our banner ads, widgets, FB app.  

Instead of limiting our audience to just facebook, we used a new social authentication API called Socialize from Gigya. This new service opened up the entire social web to our audience. From any one of our banners, widgets or sites you can update your status and share your location.


The Gigya Socialize service aggregates authentication and social APIs from Facebook Connect, MySpace ID, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and AOL to allow for easy sharing.  You can see it in action in the widget above. 

What I love most about this feature is that it's a full on demonstration of how easy it is to share your location, tag a picture or place with the Nokia Nuron.  Another cool feature is that the API allows you to customize just about everything in the status update. We were able to create branded status updates that link you to purchase the phone. [see below]

Screen shot 2010-05-03 at 9.41.28 AM
 So...Where are you right now?  Click the "share" button on the widget and let me know.

on: the nokia nuron launch via @jpenabickley